The 4 Types Of Social Content You Need To Be Creating

Social content doesn’t have to be rocket science. It needs to be consistent and focused on your ideal customer. To help you stay consistent, there are 4 types of content you should be creating for social media. Read on for what they are, and examples of each.


Content that adds value for your ideal audience should be the majority of the content you are creating. Think about what your audience wants, what they struggle with, and how you can serve those with your content. There are four ways to add value with your content:

  • save them time
  • teach them something
  • make or save them money
  • add joy to their day

Remember that you have something to offer. Share your expertise. Answer FAQs you get all the time. Bust industry myths. 


Content that is personal builds the know, like and trust factor with your audience which is essential to eventually selling to them. Help your audience get to know you, what it’s like to work with you and why you love what you do. Examples of how to add personal content to your feed include:

  • fun facts about you or your staff
  • roundup of your favorite products
  • favorite local businesses (especially great if you are a local business)
  • did you know?
  • behind the scenes
  • day in the life


Don’t forget to sell and promote your business on social media. Think about the action you want your audience to take, and reverse engineer your content accordingly. Don’t assume your audience knows what to do, or what you want them to do—tell them! Some examples:

  • make a purchase
  • download something
  • sign up for an email list
  • schedule a call


When someone shares your content it’s a vote of confidence for your content, builds the know, like and trust factor, and also expands your brand reach beyond your current audience. Pretty sweet, right?! 

But how do you create shareable content? Think about the content you share. What about it makes you want to share? It resonates with you in some way. What would resonate with your audience? Some examples:

  • teachable moments
  • inspiring quotes
  • funny memes
  • timely & relatable
  • thought provoking or funny

Now that you know the 4 types of content you should be posting, how much of each should you create? The majority of your posts should add value. Second should be personal and selling, and then sprinkle in some shareable content. 

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