Steal My Content Planning Process

Want a step-by-step process for planning social content ahead of time? I got you! Last Friday I literally wrote down every step I took when planning out my week of social posts so I could share it with you. 

Here’s the steps you can take each week to plan your social content:

1. Look at your insights. What types of posts are getting the most engagement you are looking for? Plan more of the type of content. The key here is the types of engagement that matter most to you. If you aren’t sure, let me know and I can help.

2. Review any saved posts. Anytime you see a post that inspires you, save it so you can go back to those when you’re in a content rut. Look at how you can make it your own, don’t just copy someone else’s content.

3. Look at industry articles for any trends to share. I use Feedly to curate articles from all my favorite sources to read in one place. Staying on top of your industry is important so you can relay value information, trends, and updates to your audience.

4. Is there anything you want to promote? Have a product you want to push or an event coming up? Create your calls to action first, then reverse engineer your content to push the action you want. 

5. What content do you have that you can repurpose? A past blog post or video that you can pull a tip from? Use it.

6. Plan out what days each post will happen.

7. Batch work the image/video design and caption writing. By focusing on one type of task at a time, you will be more efficient and creative. Write all your captions at once. Then switch gears to create all the graphics. Lastly, spend some time on hashtag research.

8. Schedule the posts. I like to use Buffer, but use whichever scheduling tool you prefer. Take posting off your plate by scheduling it out ahead of time. Then you can spend more time engaging.  

Here’s the thing….planning your content out doesn’t have to be rocket science. It doesn’t have to take forever. But you do need to be consistent. The more consistent you are, the easier it will get over time. 

What are your biggest struggles when it comes to planning social content? I promise you aren’t alone!

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