How Do You Know When It’s Time To Outsource?

Is it time?

How do you know when it’s time to outsource some or all of your marketing?

Think of your marketing consultant as extra support for your business. Taking some or all of your marketing off your plate frees you up to do what you do best—run your business.

Outsourcing your marketing connects you with marketing professionals that can offer an outsider’s perspective of your business and bring new, exciting ideas and strategies to the table.

There are 3 routes you can take when it comes to managing your marketing:

1. Keep all of your marketing in-house

2. Outsource your marketing in full

3. Use a combination of outsourced and in-house marketing

What marketing should you outsource?

You have options as far as what marketing tasks you outsource. Think about the tasks that take up a ton of your time and that you know are important but aren’t your genius zone. That is what you want to consider outsourcing. Some marketing tasks you can consider outsourcing include:

Outsourcing Marketing Strategy

If you are just looking for guidance on what direction to go and what efforts will have the biggest impact on your business, you can outsource your marketing strategy. In this scenario you would walk away with a detailed plan that you would then implement yourself.

This can be very helpful as long as you have someone in-house who has the skills and time to put the plan into action. A strategy is worthless unless it is put into action.

OutsourcING social media management

If you want someone to handle the day-to-day content creation and community management for your business, you can outsource your all of your social media efforts to a 3rd party. This can help you stay consistent and post with purpose on your social platforms.


Broken record over here…if you aren’t consistent showing up in your customers’ inbox, you are missing out. Email is the most effective form of digital marketing. If you aren’t able to stay on top of your email marketing, you can outsource you email strategy, sales funnels, welcome series, automations and email design.


If you have been trying to figure everything out yourself, stop! You don’t have to. If you have the skills and time and desire to tackle your marketing on your own, but aren’t quite sure where to start, engaging with a consultant can help.

Your business gets an expert who understands digital marketing, the social media algorithm, your business, and what your clients want without the cost of hiring someone full-time. It is a happy medium.

Learn more about the benefits of working with a consultant.

Have you considered outsourcing some of your marketing? If you want to talk more about what that would look like for your business, send me an email and let’s chat.

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