Not Sure What To Post On Social? Start Here

Are you struggling with what to say on social media?

We’ve all been there. And I have some helpful tips and prompts to help get you going again if you’ve fallen into the dreaded “what to post” trap.

First, a few questions to ask yourself….

What Do You Like Seeing in Your Feed?

This is the best place to start. Start by thinking about the content you like to consume on social media. What do you wish you saw more of in your feed?

Do you like memes or personal get-to-know-you posts? Create that type of content. Chances are it may be just what your ideal customer is looking for, too.

What Are Others Posting?

While I am not encouraging you to copy someone else’s content, there is nothing wrong with being inspired by someone else’s post and making it your own.

Don’t just scroll your feed. Do your research. If you come across a post that resonates with you and you relate to or know your audience would as well, hit that save icon and come back to it for inspiration.

Again, just always make it your own. You can also give the original author inspo credit. I did that on the post below. The graphic inspo came from someone else, but I changed the topic and content and created my own graphic and gave her a shout out for the inspo.

What type of content have you been posting recently?

If you’ve hung out with me for awhile, you’ve probably heard me talk about the four types of content you should be sharing on social:

  • Value
  • Shareable
  • Personal
  • Selling

You can read more about what each category should include here.

Do a quick audit of what you have been posting. How long has it been since you introduced yourself or someone from your team? When was the last time you promoted your product or service? You want to be adding value most of the time, but don’t forget to add in the other posts as well. Fill in the holes with the posts you tend to neglect.

Still stuck? How bout some done-for-you captions?

I get it. Sometimes you just want someone to tell you exactly what to post.

With that in mind, I put together a set of 13 caption templates you can download. Just copy, paste, fill in the blanks and post!

Here’s a couple examples:

One mistake people always make is _____________________________.

Here’s the deal [set the record straight about that misconception].

Leave a [your favorite emoji] if you were guilty of thinking that.

This one thing saves me so much time each week.

[share a hack or tool you use in your business or life]

Game-changer, right?!

Do you have a favorite business hack? Let’s hear it.

Want more? Download the full list below.

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