Rethink Your LinkedIn Profile

Are you still using your LinkedIn profile as an online resume that houses a list of your experience and past jobs?

Would you like to use your LinkedIn profile to attract new customers and clients to your business?

If you want to use LinkedIn to attract customers rather than land a job, you have to rethink the way you use your profile.


Because you’re looking to connect with your ideal customer, not find a job, you’re targeting a completely different audience than most professionals. You want to appeal to your customers, not hiring managers and recruiters.

That means your profile shouldn’t show off how great you are at your job. You’re ideal client doesn’t care about that. What do they care about? One thing: How you have helped customers similar to them. 

There are 4 areas of your profile to optimize. Your profile photo, headline, summary and experience.


According to LinkedIn’s data, simply having a picture — any picture — makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed.

Which makes sense. If you’re represented by a generic icon, you look like a spammer.

But not all photos are created equal. Yours should represent you in the best light possible, meaning it looks like you, focuses on your face, has good lighting, and doesn’t have a distracting background.

If you can, hire a professional photographer to take a headshot. You can also easily take your own headshot. When you are taking your own photos, make sure you choose a place with lots of natural light, and take way more photos than you think you’ll need.


Remember that your profile is trying to connect with your ideal customer. There are no requirements on LinkedIn that require a traditional job title. You want this section to illustrate how you can help your ideal client. There’s a simple formula for creating a memorable, eye-catching LinkedIn headline:

“[Title], helping [ideal customer] do X.”

For instance, I might use “One-woman digital agency helping businesses create strategies that convert.” Note: it is a good idea to have this match or be similar on your other professional profiles as well. For example, the statement above is part of my Instagram bio as well.

Remember that your profile needs to focus on your customers, not you. Your LinkedIn profile is designed to showcase how you help customers. You are using your profile for attracting client, not to try to get a job. Since your goals and objectives are different, your tactics need to be different, too.  Your ideal clients are likely researching you before they reach out or do business with you. When someone Googles you, your LinkedIn profile is likely to come up high in search results. Make sure it is accurate, up to date and optimized. Make sure when they land on your profile they like what they see. 


Your summary should be one or two paragraphs describe what you do, what differentiates you, and why you’re passionate about what you do. Use your one-liner here. And don’t be afraid to give your summary a little personality. Write your summary like you would talk to a friend about what you do and how you help clients. You want readers to feel like they know you already and when you do connect with them you don’t want there to be a disconnect.


Don’t just list off all your past jobs. Again talk about how you help customers and clients. You want your experience and accomplishments to illustrate and tell a potential buyer, “I can have a positive impact on your life or business.” That immediately starts to build trust and credibility before you ever talk to a potential client or customer.

Downplay the presence of your previous roles. Your profile should be optimized for selling your current business to your ideal clients – not yourself to a recruiter. 

Keep in mind…the more fleshed out your profile is, the more credible and legitimate you’ll seem. Add your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram profiles if you use them professionally. Your email and phone number should be visible as well, along with your website.

Want more help with LinkedIn? Send me an email and let’s get your profile dialed in.

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