My 3 Favorite Instagram Engagement Hacks

If you use Instagram for your business, you likely hear about how important engagement is. We have talked a lot about engagement, but today I wanted to share some of my favorite hacks for engaging with other accounts.

Here’s the deal, if you want to grow your following and get engagement on your posts, you have to be engaging with other accounts. If you find engaging with other accounts a huge time suck, explore the strategies below.  

Save time with collections

If engagement takes you a long time or you’re scrolling forever to find the people you want to engage with, this strategy is for you. Create a collection on Instagram of accounts you want to engage with. Then you can go directly to right accounts. 

Start with your industry and other people in your industry that you look up to. Choose one of their recent posts and leave a comment. Then do the same for other people who commented on that person’s post. Keep doing that and Instagram will be more likely to flag you as a similar page and recommend their followers follow you.

Get strategic and hold the likes

When people comment on a post, reply to their comment, but don’t “like” their comment…..YET! When you are going to post again, go back to your last post and NOW like all the comments. This will send people a notification and increase the likelihood they come back to your profile and see/engage with your latest post.

The Power of 10

Each week, focus on 10 accounts you want to engage with. Focus on creating REAL connections the same way you’d make friends.  Ask questions, leave meaningful comments, respond to their stories. It’s social media, so get social! 

Form REAL conversations by:

  • Like their posts
  • Leave genuine comments
  • Respond you their Stories
  • Follow them

Every day, seek them out and engage with their new posts. Every day you should be commenting on those same 10 people. Commenting and liking the same profiles vs different people every time, proves you really care.

Then rinse and repeat each week.

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