7 Holiday Content planning Tips – plus 9 post ideas

If you haven’t thought about your holiday content plan yet, now is the time. Whether you have a product or service based business, you have to look at your content differently this time of year.

Why you need to adjust your content plan during the holidays

Any time you are planning content, the number one thing you need to keep in mind is YOUR AUDIENCE. Remember…this isn’t about you or your product or service. It is about them. You need to think about what they want to see and how they are using the app.

User behavior changes during the holiday season. People are bombarded with messages and content. People are exhausted in their real life and their digital life. Your content’s job is to make things easier for them. Make it easier for them to buy from you. Make their experience with your brand more fun and carefree. Don’t make them think or work too hard to engage with you.

I don’t sell products, do I need to change anything?

When you think of holiday content you might immediately think about Black Friday and Cyber Monday and deals, deals, deals. Even if you aren’t selling products or doing any end-of-year sales, you do need to rethink your content.

Your social media content doesn’t live in a vacuum. It lives alongside the content from everyone else your audience is following. Think about how your content can stand out in a sea of content.

7 Holiday Content Planning Tips

1. Ask your audience what they want to see or ask them questions to build connections and boost engagement

  • What’s your biggest concern going into this holiday season?
  • How can we help simplify your holiday season?
  • What are you looking forward to this holiday season?
  • Which products/service do you want to see bundled for gift-giving or end of year deals?
  • What are some of your favorite holiday memories?

Think about ways to connect with your audience so that your content resonates not only with their past experiences but the new experiences they hope to cultivate. You can’t miss if you’re delivering the content your audience is asking for – so ask them!

2. Make it easy for people to buy from you

  • Whether you sell products or services, you want to make it easy for people to give you their money.
  • Talk about your products or services often
  • Make it clear why they need it – highlight benefits, who it is right for, why you are the right person to buy from
  • Don’t make them hunt around to complete their purchase – fewest clicks possible. If you sell a product, create a Shop so that people can shop right from the app.
  • Use your link in bio strategically to send people to the right place

3. Promote sales early and often

The whole idea behind marketing is an exercise in repetition. Don’t worry about talking about your offer consistently. It is imperative to your success.

Make sure your messaging is clear and concise

If your sale is only happening for a limited time, be sure to generate awareness leading up to the sale. That way when you launch your sale, your audience is ready and willing to buy.

4. Create exclusive deals or bundles

Rather and put all of your products or services on sale, create an exclusive bundle deal. This gives a feel of exclusivity and creates sense of urgency because the deal is a “limited time only”.

5. Have fun with it

People don’t want to think too hard this time of year. We are bombarded with content this time of year.

Provide a break from the sales content your audience is likely overwhelmed with by creating engaging and fun content.

  • This or that
  • Share your _____
  • A holiday spin on your usual content

6. Focus on original content

Trends are fun, and if there are trends that you are excited about or that are super relevant to your brand or industry, go for it. But make sure to also work in original content.

Trends mean you can get lost in the crowd, and this time of year it is all about finding ways to stand out.

7. Give your audience something

Instead of just asking your audience to do something for you or buy something from you, surprise them by giving them something.

  • The holiday season is also a time of giving and gratitude
  • How refreshing to GIVE your audience something rather than just asking them to buy something like everyone else is doing
    • Host a giveaway
    • Create a new freebie or guide for them
    • Give a portion of sales for the rest of the year to a charity

9 Post Ideas For The Holiday Season

  • Favorite holiday traditions
  • Promote a sale or giveaway
  • Talk about your favorite nonprofit (s)
  • Collaborate with another small business
  • Gift ideas for your industry
  • Share a client story
  • Would you rather
  • What’s stopping you from______?
  • Highlight a product or service – get very specific. Who is it for, what problem does it solve

Do you have a holiday content plan? What are you doing differently?

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