3 Marketing Strategies To Embrace in 2023

Every year marketing trends shift to accommodate new technology and buyer behavior—and 2023 will likely see more technology changes and emerging trends than ever. 

While staying on top of new trends and tactics is valuable, jumping on each of them will quickly make you lose your mind.  The good news is that you’re here.

You have me to keep track of all the new stuff and help you with how to make them work for your business if it makes sense. That’s what besties are for, right?

So, instead of trying to “do it all” and getting overwhelmed, focus on going all-in on these strategies this year because these will impact your marketing strategy and business for years to come.


If you’ve been hanging out with me for awhile, you know how I feel about email marketing (spoiler…I LOVE it). Despite email feeling obsolete to most – it is still the most effective marketing channel around. The emails your business sends build connection, drive customer engagement, traffic, retention, and loyalty.

Plus…did you know the ROI on email is $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing? 

So, if you aren’t prioritizing growing and nurturing your email list, make 2023 the year that changes. 

Not sure where to start? I got you. Let’s get a VIP week on the calendar and get your email strategy dialed in, create your opt-in, set up your first nurture campaign, and create a plan for you to consistently show up in your customers’ inbox.


Take advantage of local connections and content to build awareness and conversions. Even if you can serve customers and clients from anywhere, there is still so much power in showing up for and in your local community.Some ideas to consider in 2023—optimize your Google Business page, engage with local businesses on social, attend in-person networking events, and utilize local hashtags. Tapping into your local community builds your credibility, authority and creates real connections that go beyond the little squares in your phone.


Content is still king, but you’re likely overcomplicating it. Instead of posting to post, focus on creating content in a smarter and more strategic way. Always start with your business goals and create content that supports those. Then look at what’s working well and do more of that. Repurpose top-performing content into a different formats instead of creating something from scratch each time you post. Focus on consistency and quality, not quantity.  This will help you build connections and grow a community that comes back for more. 

If you want help with creating smarter content, be sure to add Content Connection to your calendar each month. It’s a FREE content planning workshop I host every month. Get on the list below and I will send you the invite each month. Can’t make it live? I always send the recording out to the list after. GET ON THE CONTENT CONNECTION LIST

Tell me….what tactics are you focusing on in 2023? Hit reply and let me know so I can cheer you on and support you! 

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