The 2Ls Difference

the 2ls difference


know you need to do something to connect with customers and compete online. But where do you begin? Branding? Your website? Social media?


can help sift through the digital clutter and guide you through the best solutions for your business, your brand and your budget.

2L’s offers clients a different brand of marketing – creating engaging interactive marketing campaigns from social media and web, to branding and print. With almost a decade of experience in advertising and marketing working with clients in industries including real estate, tourism, food and beverage, hospitality, entertainment, professional services and more, I have the solution to your marketing concerns.

Why Work with 2L’s?

  1. You want a solid strategy for sharing your message
  2. You want to attract new customers
  3. You want to engage existing customers and turn them into brand ambassadors
  4. You want to build brand awareness effectively and economically
  5. You no longer have the time to manage your own marketing, but you don’t need someone full-time

Let’s Chat

If you aren’t sure where to start, contact me and let’s chat about your challenges, goals and where to go from here.