How To Prepare For Small Business Saturday

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Small Business Saturday. On November 30th communities will come together in support of their favorite small businesses. Small Business Saturday was created  to encourage people to shop small and bring more holiday shopping to small businesses instead of the big box stores and online giants. Do you haveContinue reading “How To Prepare For Small Business Saturday”

Digital Marketing Checklist

Question–does your audience know you exist? If they don’t, they can’t buy from you. If they do know you exist, do they like you? Do they trust you? If you are starting a new business, or looking to grow your existing business, t his checklist is for you. All businesses ultimately have one main goal—Continue reading “Digital Marketing Checklist”

5 Ways To Cut Through The Noise & Stay Top of Mind This Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner, especially when it comes to marketing. Costco and Target have had holiday decor out since the kids went back to school. If you are in retail or B2C, holiday marketing campaigns are a non-negotiable. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are like the retail Olympics. But what about B2B?Continue reading “5 Ways To Cut Through The Noise & Stay Top of Mind This Holiday Season”