6 unexpected places to look for social media content ideas

We’ve all been there. You know you should be posting consistently to social media, but you just don’t know what to post. You’ve already tried all the suggestion in the posts from social media “experts”, but they all seem the same and you still need more ideas. So where are you supposed to go forContinue reading “6 unexpected places to look for social media content ideas”

4 Things To Stop Doing On Instagram

Sometimes what we STOP doing is as important as what we are doing. One thing about social media is that it’s always changing. I LOVE that about this space—it’s what keeps it interesting for me. But I know for you it means it can often feel like the wild west and a free-for-all. Trying toContinue reading “4 Things To Stop Doing On Instagram”

My Initial Thoughts On Meta Verified

In case you haven’t heard, Meta announced on Sunday that they are going to begin testing Meta Verified—a subscription bundle that includes account verification with impersonation protections and access to increased visibility and support. The cost will be $11.99/month on the web and $14.99/month on Andriod and iOS. It’s important to know that this is very new andContinue reading “My Initial Thoughts On Meta Verified”