Things are about to get intense…in a good way.

Ready to stop DIY-ing everything and start seeing progress now?

If you answered yes, a 1-on-1 intensive could be right for you.

Here’s the thing…I LOVE working 1-on-1 with clients. There is no better feeling for me than getting off the phone with my clients after they have that “ah-ha” moment.

I was thinking about how I could have that impact on more business owners even if we aren’t working together every month. And that is how these one-day intensives were born. I am so excited to work with you and help your business grow.

What is an intensive?

Great question! It is a 1-on-1 intensive day to really get down to business. Whether you are wanting to create a marketing strategy, finally get your email marketing set up and running, or want to spend a day planning and creating social media content for an entire quarter or more, we can do it together.

Who is this right for?

An intensive is right for you if:

• You’ve been in business for a while but are struggling with the right direction or how to master a specific area of your marketing (strategy, email, social, content, etc).

• You are sick of trying to Google what you should be doing

• You are ready to invest time and money into growing your business

• You thrive with 1-on-1 learning

• You are ready to pour gasoline on the fire that is your business and really see things take off.

How is this different than monthly consulting?

Rather than meeting twice a month for a few months, We spend 5-6 hours working together. You walk away from that day with the knowledge skills and confidence to implement what we cover right away. Depending on what intensive you choose, you will leave that day with a lot of things already in place.

The benefit of digging deep in a 1-day intensive is that you can see real progress in just one day. While monthly consulting and coaching is great, during the weeks between calls, you can lose steam and momentum. During the intensive we get tons done so that you leave and it is easy to keep that momentum going.

What do we cover?

I offer 4 different intensive tracks right now. They are:

• Marketing Strategy: diving into who your ideal audience is, the tactics to reach them, and what will make them convert.

• Email Marketing: you will walk away from this day with your email platform optimized, a few different lead generators to test and implement, funnels set up and ready to go as well as strategies to grow and nurture your list.

• Content Planning: this day is like content planning bootcamp. We cover content planning strategies and tools so that you can work smarter, not harder and create a plan and strategy for creating valuable, engaging content that resonates with your ideal audience.We will build a whole library of content for you to create and repurpose and we will plan your content for up to 3 months.

• Branding and Messaging: do you feel like your customers just don’t get it? Not sure why they aren’t closing the deal? Your messaging is probably wrong. We will start by analyzing your brand and messaging on your website, social media, etc. and then work through how to better clarify your message and create content and messaging that resonates and engages your audience so you can start selling to them instead of confusing them.

What does the day look like?

These are intense days (hence the name) but they are also fun. The total day is about 5 hours (10am-3pm MST) with breaks built in for moving your body, snacks, potty breaks and lunch. The goal is to stay energized and motived all day, not to have you leave feeling depleted or defeated.

Where do we meet?

Zoom of course! Where else does anyone meet these days?! Before your scheduled date, we will have a pre-planning call, I will give you a little homework so we can really get to work on the day-of. We will also have a follow up call a week or so after your intensive. All virtual, baby!

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested, you’ll want to fill out the form below to apply. I will only be offering 1 (maybe 2) intensives per month, so you definitely want to get on the list if you are interested. Once your application is accepted I will reach out to let you know and send you available dates to choose from, contracts, etc.

What about the money, honey?

As mentioned above, these intensives are for business owners who are ready to invest time, energy and money into their business. Intensives are $1650. Half of that is due when we set a date, and the other half is due 48 hours before your scheduled date.

Ready to get intense? Complete the form below to submit your application to be considered for an intensive.