We offer a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions and training, providing clients with a research-centered approach to marketing that delivers results. 2Ls specializes in:

  • 1-day Intensives: Ready to pour gasoline on your business and see it catch fire? If so, a 1-on-1 intensive day is the way to really get down to business. Whether you are wanting to create a marketing strategy, finally get your email marketing set up and running, or want to spend a day planning and creating social media content for an entire quarter or more, we can do it together. Learn more
  • Ongoing Monthly 1-on-1 Consulting and Coaching: you know what you should be doing but you also know the value in having an expert in your corner to guide you, help you make the best decisions for your business and teach you the tricks the of the trade. If that sounds like you, monthly consulting can be the extra support you need.
  • Marketing Strategy: There is so much information out there. Which strategies and tactics are right for your business? Stop feeling frustrated and confused about your marketing. Start feeling confident and empowered. We listen to your goals and your challenges and deliver a custom marketing strategy that you can execute.
  • Social Media Management: If you are looking to completely outsource your social media content and community management, our full service social media management is right for you.
  • Sales Funnels & Email Marketing: Email is the most effective for of digital marketing, yet it remains a mystery to many business owners. We help you understand the nuances of email marketing, how to use it to generate leads, nurture those leads, and ultimately sell to those leads.
  • Training and Professional Development: want to empower your team to implement your strategy on a bigger level? I can train your team on best practices, dos and don’ts and give them the tools to make your marketing strategy work for your business while maintaining and expanding your brand.

If you have a challenge, I will find a solution. Contact me for a free consultation and let’s get to work!