I help businesses clarify their message, and build marketing strategies that empower them to reach the right customers in the right ways so they can focus on growing their business and their bottomline.

Are you sick of DIYing your marketing, trying to see what sticks? I give businesses the tools, training and expertise to feel empowered by digital marketing, not confused and overwhelmed. If you want someone to show you the best path forward, let’s talk.


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Share your goals and challenges.

I deliver a custom marketing strategy.

I guide you through executing the strategy.

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Hey there! I’m Amanda Holliday. That’s Holliday with 2Ls—get it? I’m an online marketing nerd, and life-long learner, always striving to stay on top of the latest industry trends so you don’t have to. I also believe marketing should serve a purpose or solve a problem.

I’m a born and raised California girl, went to Colorado for college, but Montana has my heart. When I’m not working, you’ll find me in to kitchen cooking, drinking a great cup of coffee or glass of red wine, and exploring Northwest Montana with my husband and son.

Working on the agency side, as well as internally with brands, I have seen the online marketing industry change countless times. I remember my first job out of college was to compile and present research that would convince our agency’s homebuilding client to advertise online. They thought we were crazy at first. Those were the days of full-page color ads in the Sunday papers when people drove around looking for “for sale” signs to shop for homes.  And look at us now…people will not only shop for a home online, they will actually buy a home online.

Now, brands understand the need for a digital strategy, but often don’t know where to start or how to maintain their efforts.

I’m passionate about helping them figure it out! There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for marketing – no magic formula.

The “build it and they will come” mentality doesn’t work. It takes time, research, nurturing, and a lot of flexibility to make it work.

My approach is always research-based, and always customized to each client. I get to know you, your business and your industry. From there, I develop a killer strategy based on what will most effectively accomplish your goals. The final piece to the puzzle? Flawlessly executing that strategy.

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We offer a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions and training, providing clients with a research-centered approach to marketing that delivers results. 2Ls specializes in:

  • 1-day Intensives: Ready to pour gasoline on your business and see it catch fire? If so, a 1-on-1 intensive day is the way to really get down to business. Whether you are wanting to create a marketing strategy, finally get your email marketing set up and running, or want to spend a day planning and creating social media content for an entire quarter or more, we can do it together. Learn more
  • Ongoing Monthly 1-on-1 Consulting and Coaching: you know what you should be doing but you also know the value in having an expert in your corner to guide you, help you make the best decisions for your business and teach you the tricks the of the trade. If that sounds like you, monthly consulting can be the extra support you need.
  • Marketing Strategy: There is so much information out there. Which strategies and tactics are right for your business? Stop feeling frustrated and confused about your marketing. Start feeling confident and empowered. We listen to your goals and your challenges and deliver a custom marketing strategy that you can execute.
  • Social Media Management: If you are looking to completely outsource your social media content and community management, our full service social media management is right for you.
  • Sales Funnels & Email Marketing: Email is the most effective for of digital marketing, yet it remains a mystery to many business owners. We help you understand the nuances of email marketing, how to use it to generate leads, nurture those leads, and ultimately sell to those leads.
  • Training and Professional Development: want to empower your team to implement your strategy on a bigger level? I can train your team on best practices, dos and don’ts and give them the tools to make your marketing strategy work for your business while maintaining and expanding your brand.

If you have a challenge, I will find a solution. Contact me for a free consultation and let’s get to work!

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Things are about to get intense…in a good way.

Ready to stop DIY-ing everything and start seeing progress now?

If you answered yes, a 1-on-1 intensive could be right for you.

Here’s the thing…I LOVE working 1-on-1 with clients. There is no better feeling for me than getting off the phone with my clients after they have that “ah-ha” moment.

VIP Days are a great way to really accelerate your efforts.

What is a VIP Day?

Great question! It is a 1-on-1 intensive day to really get down to business. Whether you are wanting to create a social media strategy, or finally get your email marketing set up and running, we can do it together. And we can do it in a day.

What can we cover?

There are two main VIP Day packages, but we can always customize something specific for you.

Social Strategy In A Day:  If you feel stuck or overwhelmed trying to decide what strategies and tactics make the most sense for your business, this VIP Day is for you. We dive into who your audience is, the tactics to reach them, and what will make them convert. You’ll walk away with a clear plan and path that you can implement immediately to hone in on a social media strategy that is effective, efficient and sustainable.


  • Pre-work and planning (approx. 1 week before VIP day)
  • We meet for 60-90 minutes the morning of your VIP Day to talk about goals
  • You enjoy your day while I build your social media strategy
  • We get back together for 60 minutes at the end of the day to walk you through your strategy
  • You have 2 weeks of email access to me for any questions that come up while implementing your strategy

Email Marketing In A Day: Email marketing is THE MOST effective form of digital marketing. But it can be overwhelming and confusing to know where to start and what to do. In this VIP Day, you will walk away with your email platform optimized, your first lead generator created, a welcome series funnel set up, email templates to utilize and a plan to grow and nurture your list.


  • Pre-work and planning (approx. 1 week before VIP day)
  • We meet for 60-90 minutes the morning of your VIP Day to talk about goals
  • You enjoy your day while I build your funnel and templates
  • We get back together for 60 minutes at the end of the day to walk you through your funnel and strategy and a brief training.
  • You have 2 weeks of email access to me for any questions that come up while implementing your strategy

Who is this right for?

An intensive is right for you if:

• You’ve been in business for a while but are struggling with the right direction or how to master a specific area of your marketing (strategy, email, social, content, etc).

• You are sick of trying to Google what you should be doing

• You are ready to invest time and money into growing your business

• You thrive with 1-on-1 learning

• You are ready to pour gasoline on the fire that is your business and really see things take off.

How is this different than monthly consulting?

Rather than meeting twice a month for a few months, you get results in 1 day. You walk away from that day with the knowledge skills and confidence to implement what we cover right away. Depending on what intensive you choose, you will leave that day with a lot of things already in place.

The benefit of digging deep in a 1-day intensive is that you can see real progress in just one day. While monthly consulting and coaching is great, during the weeks between calls, you can lose steam and momentum. During the intensive we get tons done so that you leave and it is easy to keep that momentum going.

What does the day look like?

Your participation in your VIP is crucial, but you also do not have to commit your whole day to me. I know you are busy and you value your time. You will need to dedicate time to complete the pre-work questionnaire one week before our VIP day. On the day-of, your participation will be required at the start of the day, and the end. In between, you can go about your day while I work away on your deliverables. We will come back together at the end of the day to walk through the finished product.

Where do we meet?

Zoom of course! Where else does anyone meet these days?! Before your scheduled date, we will have a pre-planning call, I will give you a little homework so we can really get to work on the day-of. We will also have a follow up call a week or so after your intensive. All virtual, baby!

How do I sign up?

If you’re interested, you’ll want to fill out the form below to apply. I only offer 2 VIP Days per month, so you definitely want to get on the list if you are interested. Once your application is accepted I will reach out to let you know and send you available dates to choose from, contracts, etc.

What about the money, honey?

As mentioned above, these intensives are for business owners who are ready to invest time, energy and money into their business. Intensives are $1650. Half of that is due when we set a date, and the other half is due 48 hours before your scheduled date.

Ready to get intense? Complete the form below to submit your application to be considered for an intensive.