Go from overwhelmed to empowered through customized marketing strategy & support

I believe that focus + attention = acceleration.

When you focus on the right tactics and give them the attention they deserve, you will accelerate your efforts.

Narrowing down what those tactics and strategies are depend on many factors, but I can help you sift through it all so you can focus on what really matters to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. 

If you are sick of DIYing your marketing, and Googling what to do hoping something sticks, we need to talk. I can help you go from feeling overwhelmed to empowered through customized marketing strategy & support.

I give businesses the tools, training and expertise to feel empowered by digital marketing, not confused or overwhelmed. If you want someone to show you the best path forward, let’s talk.

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Work With Me

Go from overwhelmed to empowered through customized marketing strategy & support. If you need help with your marketing, I would love to work together. Below are the current services I offer. If you don’t see something that feels right, feel free to reach out and I can customize something for your needs.

2-hour strategy session
Stop posting just to post. This package has everything you need to start posting with purpose
Get months of work done FOR YOU in just a week
 2 monthly coaching calls plus email support throughout the month
Slack-only support. Ask me anything, I check in 1x per day
Want me to speak to your team or group? I love connecting and sharing my knowledge through virtual and in-person trainings.

If you have a challenge, I will find a solution. Contact me for a free consultation and let’s get to work!

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WHAT I’M all About

Hey there! I’m Amanda Holliday. That’s Holliday with 2Ls—get it? I’m an online marketing nerd, and life-long learner, always striving to stay on top of the latest industry trends so you don’t have to. I also believe marketing should serve a purpose or solve a problem.

Here’s the thing about marketing…in the long run it doesn’t matter how great a tactic or strategy might sound if you don’t actually implement it. It has to be realistic and sustainable for you. I’ve been in this industry for 17 years and have seen it all. You don’t have to know everything or do it all yourself. There is power in calling in expert to help so you can do what you do best—run your business. Stop thinking you have to figure it out on your own or thinking that it should be easy. If it was, I wouldn’t have a job. 

Know this about me…I’m not in the business of trying to impress you with how much I KNOW. That doesn’t do it for me. What lights me up is helping you create a strategy that you feel confident implementing. I want to see you succeed and grow your business in a way that feels right for you. 

So if you want clarity around what will work for you and your business and an expert who will show you how to put it into action, I’m your girl. Let’s connect and make some magic.

I’m a born and raised California girl, went to Colorado for college (go Buffs!), but Montana stole my heart and has been home for 8 years. I’m a mom, a wife and an enneagram 2w3 if that’s your thing. I love food, coffee, wine, tequila and spending time adventuring with my little family.  

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resources & GUIDES

My mission is to help you succeed in marketing your business. I am here to help YOU! That means you don’t have to pay me for my services to learn from me. You can follow me on Instagram for loads of free content and advice, download one of the guides below, or join me for my free monthly content planning workshop—Content Connection.

If you want more customized help, you are always welcome to hire me, too 😉. You can explore my services here.

Instagram is a powerful platform for showcasing your brand, company culture, personality and connecting with your target audience. Use these tips and hacks to make the most of your presence for your business.


The goal of hashtags is for your content to be shown to more of the RIGHT people, expanding your REACH and BRAND AWARENESS. There is a formula and science to choosing the best hashtags. This guide will walk you through how to use hashtags strategically.


No matter what size or type of business you are in, you should have some sort of strategy and plan.
This guide walks you through 5 steps to create a flexible strategy and plan for your marketing.


If you’re like most people, coming up with content for social media is at the top of your list of challenges. I don’t want you to let coming up with content ideas slow down your efforts. Download 13 caption templates. Just copy, paste, customize and post.


Download this guide for worksheets and plans to dream big and set goals for your business. 


Email marketing is your ticket to growing your business. If you are struggling with how to get started, this guide is for you. 


This exercise will help you nail down who your ideal customer is. Most people want to skip this exercise because it takes some work and some real reflection, but please don’t. Understanding exactly who your customer is HUGELY important to the success of your business and marketing efforts. 


Ideas drive a creative business. Whether it’s an idea for a product, a piece of content, campaign, photo shoot, social media graphic, or email, the idea has to start somewhere. The worksheet on the next page is the map for the rest of the race.


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