About 2Ls Marketing

2L’s Marketing was founded by Amanda Holliday. That’s Holliday with 2L’s—get it? 🙂 Born and raised in Sacramento, Amanda received her Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Marketing from The University of Colorado at Boulder. Go BUFFS! After graduating from CU, Amanda traded the mountains for the beach and spent 4 years in San Diego working with a wide variety of clients at an interactive agency before returning to Sacramento in 2009 where she worked in-house at a traditional advertising agency before starting 2L’s in 2011. In 2014, Amanda and her husband moved to Whitefish, Montana where she continues to serve clients nationwide.

Working on the agency side, as well as internally with brands, I have seen the marketing and advertising industry change dramatically. Companies used to resist online marketing, opting to spend much more money on traditional advertising (hello, full page newspaper ads for homebuilder clients). Now, brands understand the need for a digital strategy, but often don’t know where to start or how to maintain their efforts. I’m passionate about helping them figure it out! There no one-size-fits-all solution for marketing – no magic formula. And the “build it and they will come” mentality doesn’t work. It takes time, research, nurturing and a lot of flexibility to make it work.

I am a life-long learner, always on top of the latest industry trends and believes marketing should serve a purpose. My approach is always research-based, and always customized to each and every client. I get to know you, your business and your industry. From that, I develop a comprehensive strategy based on your goals and flawlessly execute that strategy.

The 2Ls Difference