10 Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Looking for the perfect gift for the entrepreneur in your life? Or maybe for a business partner, coworker or boss? Here are 10 ideas.

gifts for entrepreneurs

  1. A good coffee mug: Because #coffee, right?! Everyone can always use a great coffee mug. You can always go the personal route with a mug with a cute or funny saying on it. Or, my choice is to go practical and gift a Yeti mug. I have a cupboard full of mugs, but every single day I drink my coffee out of my Yeti. Why? It stays hot all morning! I like this one because you still feel like you’re drinking out of a coffee mug, but you get all benefits of the brilliant minds at Yeti.
  2. Noise-cancelling headphones: A good set of headphones are an entrepreneur’s best friend. Working at a coffee shop and don’t want to talk to anyone? Pop these puppies on and….message received. There are so many options for headphones in every price range, so don’t feel like the only option are the ones that cost an arm and a leg. I rock my Sony ones and love them!
  3. Coffee: In any form (other than decaf), coffee is always a good option. There are coffee subscriptions you can sign them up for, or gift a few of your favorite roasts (maybe paired with that coffee mug above).
  4. A good notebook: Entrepreneurs always have new ideas popping into their heads. That means they can never have too many notebooks. Go classic with a Moleskin notebook to show them you mean business.
  5. Smart speaker: from calendar reminders and to-do lists and shopping lists, smart speakers are like a free virtual assistant. Plus you can jam out to your pump up music anywhere in the house or office.
  6. Office or desk plant: Brighten up their desk or office with a low-maintenance plant. Succulents are a great option because they require minimal care. Choose one in a stylish pot that they will love to keep on display.
  7. Winc wine membership: Possibly right behind #coffee is #wine for entrepreneurs. Give the gift of wine delivered right to your favorite entrepreneur’s door every month.
  8. Skillshare membership: Entrepreneurs are always learning, wanting to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Consider gifting them a membership to Skillshare where they can choose from thousands of classes to fuel their creativity and career.
  9. Masterclass membership: Masterclass is where anyone can learn from the best. For example, Sara Blakeley (creator or Spanx) teaches on self-made entrepreneurship. Or learn about leadership from Anna Wintour. Or learn about BBQ from Aaron Franklin.  Each course has about 12 lessons, with each lesson averaging about 10 minutes. The great thing about the variety of subjects available on Masterclass is that students can learn about something related to their career, or a hobby they enjoy.
  10. A robot vacuum: What entrepreneur has time to clean? Not this one! Robot vacuums may be the best invention of our generation. If you think I am being a little extreme, you must not have one. They are amazing and you can find great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

What are the best gifts you have ever given or received? What are you gifting and hoping to get this holiday season?

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