How To Set Goals For Q2

Now that it’s April, how are your goals and strategy for the year looking? If you haven’t yet, take some time to check in on your progress and make adjustments. There’s nothing wrong with adjusting your goals or your strategy to reach them. Businesses change, technology changes, people change. It’s important to know it’s okay for your strategy to change along with it. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you reflect on Q1 and head into Q2:

What were your top accomplishments during Q1? 

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we often focus on what didn’t get done—when still needs to get done. But. take a moment to reflect on what you DID accomplish in the last 3 months. Not sure where to start? Look through your calendar or emails to remind yourself of what you are proud of accomplishing. Remember…celebrate even the small victories. 

What worked? What didn’t work? 

Take a look back at your efforts and execution in Q1. Based on what worked well from a results perspective and what felt good to you, decide:

  • What you’ll keep doing in Q2
  • What you will make adjustments to in order to improve
  • What new things you will start doing
  • What you will stop doing 

How do you want to feel at the end of Q2?

Think about how you are feeling now at the end of Q1. How do you want to feel in July? Let that guide you in what you say yes to, what you say no to and the projects and tasks you put your energy into.  

What needs your attention in Q2?

Just like life and nature, businesses have different seasons that require different things from us. What is Q2 the season of? Is it the season of planning and preparing? Planting seeds that you can harvest in the fall? Is it a season of grinding so you can slow down in the summer?

Understanding the seasonality of your business (and life), and accepting those changes can be huge in helping you know what to focus on now without getting overwhelmed with what’s down the road. 

To make this exercise easier, I made a 2-page worksheet you can download, print and complete with these questions. Click below to get instant access to the printable PDF. 

I’d love to hear what you are planning for Q2. What season are you in? Let me know in the comments. We can keep each other on track and accountable!

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