The number one thing Instagram uses to rank content 

This is the number one thing Instagram uses to rank content.  On Wednesday (May 31, 2023), Head of Instagram—Adam Mosseri—shared a 10-minute video explaining how ranking  on Instagram works. There is also an article on the Instagram website that covers the same topic.  You can watch the video here or read the article here. OneContinue reading “The number one thing Instagram uses to rank content “

Why Storytelling Is So Important In Your Marketing

FACT: It’s getting harder and harder to reach people in today’s marketing landscape. That’s because there is so much noise to compete with. The amount of content and ads we are inundated with every day is overwhelming. That means it’s getting harder for businesses to stand out and cut through that noise.  So what areContinue reading “Why Storytelling Is So Important In Your Marketing”

4 Things To Stop Doing On Instagram

Sometimes what we STOP doing is as important as what we are doing. One thing about social media is that it’s always changing. I LOVE that about this space—it’s what keeps it interesting for me. But I know for you it means it can often feel like the wild west and a free-for-all. Trying toContinue reading “4 Things To Stop Doing On Instagram”