My 3 Step Process For Repurposing Content

Have you heard about repurposing content, but aren’t sure where to start?

Repurposing content not only helps you stay consistent, it is also strategic. If you are sharing good information (and I know you are) then it deserves to be repeated.

There are so many content formats for a reason…

You have to meet your customers at the right time, on the right platform, and in the right format.

Different content formats resonate differently with different people. A reel they might have scrolled right past could blow their mind in carousel format. Marketing is all about awareness and repetition. The key to that is consistency.

And the key to consistency is REPURPOSING.

If you want to learn how I repurpose content, keep reading.

First, start with your goals

Everything I do starts with goals. Your content needs to serve a purpose, not just be something on your to-do list. If you want to post with purpose, you need to first look at your overall business goals and think about how your content can work to support those goals.

When you’re planning content, think about your business goals in the next 30-90 days. What are you trying to achieve? Write down 3-5 goals. Think about things like:

  • Selling X number of products or services
  • Growing my email list to ______
  • Connecting with 5 new strategic connections
  • Increasing post engagement by ___%
  • Growing my followers to________

Look at your insights

Once you have your goals narrowed down, use those to determine which metrics matter. If your goal is to increase engagement, you’ll want to look at Post Interaction. If you want to get people to your website, you’ll want to look at Website Clicks.

To find your post analytics:

  1. Go to your professional dashboard
  2. Select Content You’ve Shared
  3. Select the type of posts you want to look at, change the date range to the last year
  4. Filter by the metrics that align with each of your goals

Choose the content you want to repurpose

Look at the content that performed best on the metics that matter for your goals. What posts can you repurpose?

Create a saved collection of posts you want to repurpose. When you need content ideas, come back to this library of content you know performed well based on your goals. Then reformat and repost.

Here are some examples:

Static imageReel with stock video, trending audio, caption as onscreen textCarousel post with caption broken up over multiple slides
ReelCarousel post with caption broken up over multiple slidesStatic image with hook as image text
Carousel PostStatic image with list of main pointsReel with stock video, trending audio, caption as onscreen text
StoryReel created directly from story slidesCarousel post with main points broken up over multiple slides

Hope that was helpful!

I’m Amanda. I’ve spent 18 years in digital marketing—12 of those as an entrepreneur. I believe marketing should serve a purpose & solve a problem. I want to see you succeed and grow your business in a way that feels right for you.

If you’re looking for a bestie for your biz, you’re in the right place.

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