When should you invest in your marketing?

One question I’ve been asked a lot lately is this…

When starting out, what’s the best way to invest when it comes to marketing?

Since I offer marketing services, I might regret this answer, but…the best way to invest when you are just starting is to invest your time, not your money

Invest your time in:

  • Honing in on your ideal client/customer: who needs what you offer and why do they need it?
  • Dialing in your messaging: what problem does your product or service solve, and why are you the one customers should come to for the solution? Focus on messaging that resonates with your customer, not your competitors.
  • Setting goals for your business: what does success look like now and down the road?
  • Creating a marketing strategy: create a roadmap of where you want to go, and how to get there to support the goals you’ve set for your business. Not sure where to start? I have a free workbook you can download to help you create a flexible, realistic strategy that fits you and your business now and that you can grow into.

What NOT to invest your time in:

  • Don’t be tempted to download ALL the free courses and content. You’ll wind up overwhelmed and more confused than ever. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you have to take it.
  • Following experts that make you question everything you’re doing. There are a lot of “experts” out there. Invest your time and energy in the ones who make you feel confident and empowered, not confused or overwhelmed.

So, when should you invest your hard earned money? 

This is completely individual, of course, but here’s what I recommend…

  • Pay attention to where you struggle most. What parts of your business light you up, and which ones drain you? Are there things you can invest in to help make the areas that drain you less draining? If it’s accounting, can you outsource your bookkeeping?
  • Kick things up a notch. A great time to invest is once you have a foundation and are ready to take things to the next level. This is when a Pick My Brain session or VIP Week works great for my clients. We’re able to take what’s working, learn from what isn’t, and improve and expand on that. This way you aren’t spending money on spaghetti to throw at the wall.

What should you invest in? 

Not sure what you should invest in? Here are some things that are worth the money in my eyes.

  • Software: project management (Asana, Trello, Clickup, etc.), billing/invoicing (Honeybook is my favorite), content software (Flodesk for email, Canva, social media scheduling tool, etc.).
  • Website: depending on what you do, having a professional website is important for branding, credibility, lead generation and sales. WordPress and Squarespace are my two favorite website builders, but find a website builder you like and keep things simple. You can always upgrade to a higher subscription later on if needed.
  • Expert help: if you’re ready for a nudge (or shove) in the right direction, someone to keep you accountable or learn new skills, hiring an expert you trust can add gasoline to the fire you’ve already started, accelerate your efforts, and save you time and a lot of frustration .
  • Virtual or IRL Assistant: take tasks off your plate that take time away from you doing what you do best. Delegating can be hard, but a good assistant will help guide you.

An important note…who you hire matters.

Outsourcing or automating can save you time and make you more money in the long run. But trusting the wrong person, hiring the first person you find or the cheapest option just to check a box can backfire. Take your time to do your research and your due diligence. 

I can’t tell you how many clients come to me after an awful experience with an individual or company that doesn’t have their best interest at heart or even know what they’re doing.

I always say this, and I mean it….if you aren’t sure if a company or service provider is qualified or worth the money, ask me. We’re besties, right?! I will tell you what I think, what questions to ask, or if you should run the other way. 

Some service providers prey on business owners who are lost or confused. I want you to feel confident to invest from a place of POWER, not desperation or confusion. If you want to feel that, let’s connect. My inbox and DMs are always open. 

👉 Tell me…what’s been the best investment you’ve made in your business (from a time or 💵 perspective)? If you are hesitant to invest, what’s holding you back?

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