Direct vs. Transitional Calls To Action

Calls to action often confuse business owners. You don’t want to come off as pushy or heaven-forbid “sales-y”. But if you don’t tell customers what to do they will do nothing.

Your job is to solve your ideal customers’ problems and show them how you can do that by making it easy for them to know how to work with you. You also need build the know like and trust factor with them.

Here’s the thing about calls to action. Customers won’t take action unless they are challenged to do so. You can’t assume or hope that your audience will take the action you want them to take. You have to tell them.

You have to make your calls to action clear and repeat them over and over. You won’t come off as pushy or sales-y by asking people to take action. If you don’t ask people to buy from you, they assume you can’t solve their problems.

There are two types of calls to action to including in your marketing—Transitional and Direct.

Transitional CTAs are used to build trust with your audience. These are your lead magnets, email newsletters, blog posts, videos, webinars, etc.

Direct CTAs should be clear and compelling. These are the ‘buy now’ button type of actions. The transactional calls to action where someone has to give something more than just their email address.

If you aren’t sure the difference, think of it as the difference between dating and getting married. You don’t ask someone to marry you on a first date, right?

Transitional CTAs are you asking for a first, second and third date. They help your date get to know you, like you and trust you. All things they need before accepting a proposal. Don’t be “that guy” and ask your customer to marry you on the first date. You have to court them and if you do it right, they will be jumping for joy to accept your proposal.

Want help coming up with your transitional CTAs? Send me an email and let’s start planning.

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