5 Reasons I’m not excited about the chronological feed

Think the chronological feed is the answer to your prayers? Think again! It’s easy to want to blame the algorithm. But the algorithm can actually be a wonderful thing. Here are 5 reasons why the chronological feed isn’t a good thing:

1. The pressure to create more content

With a chronological feed, the most recent content gets top placement, regardless of how relevant or good it is.

2. Instagram is a different place than it was 6 years ago

How many accounts did you follow back in the chronological days? I promise it was WAY less than today. In February 2016, Instagram had 500 million users and 200,000 business accounts. Today it has over 2 billion users and 200 million business accounts. There is so much noise and content on the app, if you have to scroll to find what you really wanted to see, you’d spend all day on the app. And guess what?! That’s want IG wants. 😉 More time on the app, more ads seen, more 💰 for IG.

3. Content quality would tank

If the only way to be seen is to be constantly pumping out content, guess what will happen? Quantity goes up, quality goes down. The algorithm takes so much more into account than just recency. It also takes into account relevancy and relationship. Two big indicators of quality content. We want more QUALITY, not QUANTITY.

4. It won’t be an easy switch

Can you even imagine how much time and money has gone in to creating the algorithm? It’s so powerful and so smart. It isn’t going anywhere. If you personally want to switch your feed to chronological, you are likely going to have to make the switch manually each time you open the app.

5. The shelf life of posts will decrease even further

The average shelf life of a post on Instagram is 48 hrs (longer for Reels). With the chronological feed, that will decrease.

Final thoughts….I am HERE FOR Instagram providing users with options to have more meaningful control over their experience and trying to create a safer app. But from a business strategy will not help business owners.

What are your thoughts on the chronological feed coming back?

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