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I was recently asked to be a guest on two different marketing podcasts. Below you will find links to the episodes on Spotify.

The Marketing Solutions Podcast – The 5 Best Practices For Using Instagram to Grow Your Business

Are you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or confused when it comes to using Instagram for your business? Kelly from @willowandaoksolutions recently asked me to be a guest on her amazing new podcast—The Marketing Solutions Podcast. Of course I said YES! I could talk shop with Kelly all day.

In this episode we are talking about 5 Best Practices For Using Instagram to Grow Your Business.

We’re exploring:
⚡️ 5 Best Practices for using Instagram to grow your business
⚡️ What hashtags to use, and how to find these (without getting caught up in the hype!)
⚡️ Commonly asked Instagram questions that people in my network have asked me over the years
⚡️ How to put boundaries around your time spent on the platform without burnout
⚡️ What engagement REALLY means (and are you doing it?)
⚡️ How to best use this incredible free tool to help you connect and reach more people online
⚡️ What to do if your current strategy is actually holding you back from creating content


How do you connect with people online as a product-based business owner to grow your audience, build brand awareness, and grow your sales?

In this episode I talk with Kimberly Gayle as we share our best advice on what to focus on and give your attention to when it comes to social media marketing so you can connect with your people and convert followers into fans and fans into customers. We share what you should have in place first in order to set yourself up for success as well what platforms to leverage, what content strategies build trust and create loyal customers, and what consumers expect from businesses these days.

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