4 ways to introduce yourself to your audience

There are other people who DO what you do, but there is only one YOU. Remember….people want to work with people, not brands.⠀

Don’t forget to let your audience in on who you are, not just what you offer. 

Which one of these prompts are you going to try first?

Your Enneagram 

What’s your enneagram number, and what are 3 traits about that type that are SO you?

I’m a 2w3 and I enjoy group settings and meeting new people, I have a passion for serving others, and I’m not good at acknowledging my own needs.  

Fun Facts

Share a few surprising facts that your audience might not know about you. Think about your likes and dislikes. Experiences from your youth or your funny quirks. 

See an example

Pet Peeves

You can learn a lot about a person based on what drives them crazy. Maybe it’s something in your personal life or relationships that makes your skin crawl. Or put a professional spin on it by calling out something people in your industry do that makes you crazy. 

Things You Can’t Do

While we spend a lot of time sharing what we CAN do, why not roast yourself a little by sharing some things you CAN’T do. This humanizes you and makes you more relatable to your audience. 

For me? I can’t wink or whistle. 

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