best practices for each feature on instagram

Tell me if this sounds familiar….

You HAVE to do Reels if you want to grow your following. 


Be sure to add value and educate your audience


Video is the future of Instagram

Want to know a secret?

The best way to make the algorithm happy is to use all of the features (aka surfaces) on Instagram. 

You might be wondering…

HOW are you supposed to use each of them? Below I am breaking down the best practices for each feature. 

Does that mean you have to do them all? NO! It does mean that when you are ready to dip your toe into a new surface, you don’t have to go in blindly trying to figure it out. 

Let’s start with your feed

Treat your feed like your business’ brochure. Your feed is where people decide if they want to follow you. Make sure they know they are in the right place by focusing on sharing what you do, who it helps and how it helps. 

This is your first impression. Make it a good one (and an effective one).

Instagram Stories

Stories are where you build connections and trust, which ultimately makes stories a great place to sell, as well. Sowing up on Stories consistently allows you to stay top of mind (literally) and build a relationship with your followers. 

To make the most of Stories, show the real YOU! Humanize your brand and show behind the scenes. I recommend choosing 2-3 hobbies/interests outside of business to share consistently on Stories. Think family life, travel, hobbies, coffee, cooking/food, your guilty pleasure (where are my Real Housewives fans?!). By focusing on a few consistently, your audience will start to feel like they know you and are invested more in your story and life. 


There’s no denying that Reels are the type of content that will get the highest reach. If you want to reach new people, Reels is still the way to do so. Beyond reach, Reels are also a great feature to utilize to educate, entertain, and serve your audience. 

If Reels are intimidating, remember this…If you can do Stories, you can do Reels. You don’t have to dance or do fancy transitions (unless you want to). 

Instagram Video (formerly IGTV)

Instagram Video (formerly IGTV) is where your long-form videos live. Any videos over 1 minute, Lives, etc. Use IG video to build credibility, authority and illustrate your expertise. 


Highlights are like the “previously on” for your profile. They are a way for people to get caught up on anything they missed or binge your previous Stories. Everything doesn’t have to turn into a highlight. Focus on clear categories like what you do, how to work with you, behind the scenes, reviews/testimonials, user generated content, etc. 

Are you utilizing all of IG’s features? Which ones do you struggle with the most? Let me know in the comments. 

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