Why word of mouth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Word of mouth is great. Referrals are rad.

But relying solely on them to grow your business isn’t a strategy.


It’s like crossing your fingers and hoping someone else will market your business for you. You are trusting your customers to tell others what you do, what benefits it offers and who it best for. The problem with that is they only have their specific experience to go off of.

For me, each of my clients comes to me with unique challenges. That means I create unique solutions for them. Their needs may be different than someone else’s, but that doesn’t mean my services only work for that one problem.

I am guilty of relying on referrals for WAY too long. I spent years not promoting my own business (even while making a career promoting other businesses).

Here’s what I learned…

The minute I started marketing myself and just letting people know what I do and what I offer, my business was instantly transformed.

Even if you have enough business coming in through referrals and word of mouth, what would it look like to have more control over the type of clients and customers you are attracting?

By controlling your message, you can attract more of the RIGHT kinds of clients, not just whoever you get.

Tell me…Do you rely mostly on referrals and word of mouth to grow your business?

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