Thoughts From The Trail

This summer is decided to take Fridays off.

My goal with Summer Fridays is to carve out time to enjoy bits of summer for myself. To be intentional about recharging my own batteries so I can keep going for my clients and my family.

So far, I’ve spent each of these Fridays hiking one of our many local trails. Last week I had some thoughts I jotted down that I wanted to share…

I was thinking on my hike last Friday about how comforting a well marked, well worn trail is when hiking. I’ve been going on hikes every Friday this summer. Alone. Sometimes with my trusty four legged hiking buddy, Cash, but he isn’t much a trail guide.

The week before last, I hiked off trail. And while it was fun, I wasted so much time hemming and hawing about:

  • Which direction to go
  • Should I just stick to the trail?
  • What if I get lost? Wait, am I lost?!
  • Am I strong enough for this?

All of that time could have been spent climbing, hiking farther, seeing more views.

So while there was nothing wrong with going off-trail, and I got one hell of a workout, this past week I stuck to the trail and was able to go farther and feel so much calmer while climbing.

What does this have to do with marketing?

Well, it made me think about how much better it feels to have a plan and a strategy in your business as well. Sure, you can wing it and you’ll still get somewhere, but if you have a plan and a map and a trail to follow you can do it with so much more ease, clarity, and peace of mind.

I found myself feeling so grateful to the people who make and maintain the trails around Whitefish. The thought, expertise and care put into the planning, creation and maintaining of our trails is so appreciated.

And here’s the thing— that’s what I do for my clients. I choose the trails, I make the map so that you can grow and market your business with ease, clarity and peace of mind that you are going in the right direction. With a path created by an expert, you can focus on enjoying the climb, not wondering if you are going the right way.

Want help creating a map for your business? Explore my services and then schedule a quick discovery call so we can chat about where you are headed and the best way to get there.

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