How your coffee ritual relates to your business

Are you a coffee drinker? Fun fact: my husband doesn’t drink coffee. Hates the stuff. Gasp, right?! 

I was talking to a friend recently about our coffee habits. We both agreed it’s much more about the ritual of making and drinking the coffee than the actual hot bean water 🤣. We talked about how we look forward to the ritual just as much as the coffee and caffeine boost. 

For me, it’s about…

  • The preparation of grinding the beans the night before and filling the kettle with water. 
  • The intention and focus needed. I focus on just that one process of heating the water and slowly pouring it over the grounds. 
  • The comfort that comes from the repetition. 
  • The quiet house. 
  • Setting the tone for my day. 
  • The act of doing something for me and just me.

It got me thinking about how we can implement those same intentions, focus and rituals to marketing our businesses. 

What marketing rituals do you actually enjoy and look forward to? Can you treat those with the same excitement and dedication as your morning coffee ritual? Can you carve out time to do it with focus and intention? Can you enjoy and feel good about doing something just to care for business? 

For me, this is how I look at content planning. I set aside time each month to do it with intention. It sets the tone for my business for the month and helps me narrow in on what my focus is. It’s time I spend doing something just for my business, not others’. 

So tell me, what is it for you? Let me know in the comments. I would love a little insight into what rituals in your business bring you joy. 

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