Marketing is a save the date. Sales is an invitation

Treat selling your products and services like a wedding…

What do I mean by that? πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

When you’re planning one of the most important days of your life, you want to make sure the most important people are there. That’s why you send a Save the Date 6 months before the actual event. That way your guests know what to expect. Then, a few months later, they get the formal invitation and can start to make travel arrangements (and buy you a gift 😜).

Your friends and family can’t plan to be there for your wedding if they don’t have enough notice, right?!

You need to treat your products and services the same way.

Your marketing is like the Save The Date. Give your customers a heads up of what’s coming up. Let them know they’re in the right place and that they’re invited to the big day. Talk about the benefits of your products and services, who they are right for.

Then…after you’ve done a good job warming them up with your Save The Date, you send the invitation to make it official. That’s sales. Think of sales as an invitation rather than a demand.

On a wedding invitation there are always two boxes you can check βœ”οΈYES or βœ–οΈregretfully decline. Customers can make the same choice when it comes to purchasing your products or services. But if you never send them an invitation they don’t know they’re invited and don’t even have the option to accept or decline.

The beauty of save the dates (marketing) is that the invitation (sales) doesn’t come as a surprise. In fact, guests (customers) are expecting it. Selling doesn’t have to equal sleazy.

I hope that analogy and perspective on marketing and sales was helpful. Let me know in the comments if it was.

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