How To Use AI For Your Business

One thing that will always be true about technology is that it’s always changing…

You can’t do anything to slow down technology. What you can do, is learn how to leverage it to your advantage.

But I know it can be overwhelming as a business owner to know what tools are worth your time or not.

That’s why you have me, right?

First…what is AI?

The definition of AI is a software technology that learns and adapts over time.

Kind of sounds like what we try to do as business owners, right? So maybe it’s not as scary as we think.

One misconception I see a lot is people thinking AI and automation are the same thing. They are not. Automation is great and if you haven’t embraced automation in your business, you definitely should. But that’s another blog post in and of itself.

Some stats to consider

  • Chat GPT reached 100 million monthly active users within two months. It took TikTok nine months and Instagram two years to hit that same goal.
  • What’s the biggest benefit?
    • 67% of marketers say the biggest benefit of AI is the ability to create content faster. (hubspot)
    • 48% of marketers say the biggest benefit of AI is the ability to generate new ideas. (hubspot)
  • 13% of marketers use AI to repurpose content

Ways to use AI in your business

  • Summarize content into key points – blog post, video transcript, etc.
  • Create outlines – courses, presentations
  • Brainstorm content ideas
  • Rewrite content
  • Name products, services, freebies
  • Generate headlines, email subject lines
  • Edit photos
  • Take meeting notes for you

How to use AI in your life

Not ready to embrace AI in your business? What about leveraging it to save you time in your everyday life so you can have more time for your business?

Here are a couple ideas:

  • Create meal plans and shopping lists
  • Make decisions more easily

Some tools to consider

Think ChatGPT is the only option for AI? Think again.

  • Canva: magic write, magic eraser, magic design/presentation
  • ChatGPT: brainstorm content, generate outlines, summarize large amounts of content
  • creates transcriptions, action items, summaries, and follow-ups in seconds.
  • Rationale: see two sides of the coin, make rational decisions.
  • Descript: Edit your videos and create a text-to-speech model of your voice

General rules and best practices

  • Let AI handle the mundane so you can focus on your genius
  • Don’t just copy and paste content
  • Remember – the legal system moves A LOT slower than technology
  • Experiment – understanding the technology and it’s uses/limitations is more important than how much you use them

Tell me…how do you feel about AI? Love it or loathe it? Or somewhere in between?

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