4 Things You Need To Figure Out Before You Run A Social Media Ad

If you want to run a successful social media ad, there are a few things you need to do before you even build the ad. If you do this upfront work, you will set yourself up for success. But here’s the thing…most people don’t want to do this upfront work. They just want to click that blue “boost post” button.

Here are the 4 things you need to figure out before you run an ad:

  1. Mindset: to be successful with social ads, you have to approach it with a testing mindset. If you think social ads are a magic bullet, you will set yourself up for failure and give up too soon.
  2. Goals: what are your goals for your ads? You need to know your goals so you can work backwards to create an ad strategy to get there.
  3. Strategy: once you know your goal, you then need to develop a strategy to get there. What calls to action and imagery is right, what ad objectives, etc. Side note: boosting posts is not a strategy.
  4. Who your ideal audience is: this may be the most important step before building an ad. Who are you targeting? What interests do they have? Who do they follow on social media? Where do they hang out online? What pain points and frustrations do they have?

Once you know all of these things, you can actually go into the Ads Manager and build your ads.

Do you run social media ads? Are they intimidating to you? They don’t have to be.

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