40 things I know to be true (in life and business)

I’m officially 40. While I know I’m still a young buck in the grand scheme of life, 40 years on Earth is still enough time to know SOME stuff. So I thought I’d share 40 things I know to be true in life and in business.

  1. Work life balance is bullshit
  2. There’s a difference between hard and bad.
  3. Pay attention to how things make you feel.
  4. Boundaries are essential—in life and business.
  5. What you say no to is more important than what you say yes to.
  6. There will always be more to do.
  7. You have to be both an optimist and a realist.
  8. Be early, but not first.
  9. People aren’t thinking about you as much as you think they are (so do whatever the hell you want).
  10. Connections and relationships are everything.
  11. Anyone who tells a business owner “don’t take it personal” has never owned a business before. Business is personal.
  12. You have to get comfortable with failure if you want to succeed.
  13. Anyone who challenges your price or asks for a discount doesn’t value what you offer, and a discount won’t change that.
  14. You get to decide where the bar is set.
  15. Expectations are just planned resentments.
  16. A big social following is not a prerequisite to success.
  17. You don’t have to be an influencers to have influence.
  18. It doesn’t have to be perfect to put it out there.
  19. If you have a product or service that helps people, you also have a responsibility to market it.
  20. You CAN sell without being “salesy”.
  21. There may be others who do what you do, but no one IS you.
  22. Stories are bridges between you and your potential clients.
  23. If you’re wondering if you should charge more, the answer is yes.
  24. Find the people who value their time more than their money.
  25. Always try to find ways to do more of what you’re great at and less of what you’re not great at.
  26. Put your mask on first. It’s the only way everyone survives.
  27. People will always buy. Getting people to spend money is not the issue. But they can only buy what they are aware exists.
  28. All great ideas start out vulnerable and incomplete.
  29. Referrals and word of mouth aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
  30. Opinions don’t matter. Numbers do.
  31. You can love something or someone and still want time to yourself.
  32. Saying no is a form of self care.
  33. Routines rule!
  34. If you have a question, 100 other people have the same one. Be brave enough to ask it.
  35. Confidence is a skill that has to be practiced every day.
  36. It’s okay to mix is a little “woo” with the work.
  37. Celebrate all the things—big and small. Why not?!
  38. Perspective can fix a lot of things.
  39. Getting older is actually awesome (most of the time)
  40. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing or the way they are doing it.

Do any of these stand out to you? What do you know to be true?

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