5 Ways To Cut Through The Noise & Stay Top of Mind This Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner, especially when it comes to marketing. Costco and Target have had holiday decor out since the kids went back to school. If you are in retail or B2C, holiday marketing campaigns are a non-negotiable. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are like the retail Olympics.

But what about B2B? It can be difficult to create a holiday campaign that stands out and cuts through the noise. Your audience is already inundated with ads and sales. But with the right strategy and approach, you can cut through the holiday noise and stay top of mind with your audience as we head into the new year.

5 Ways to Cut Through The Holiday Noise:

  • Use Remarketing: if you are running Facebook, Instagram or Google Ads, consider focusing on remarketing ads during the holiday season. This will allow you to concentrate your efforts and your budget on people already visiting your website. You won’t have to fight as hard for your customers’ attention.
  • Email Strategically: Yes, we all get approximately 1 million emails every day this time of year about discounts and sales. But that doesn’t mean you have to pause your email efforts—it means you need to use email strategically to cut through the noise. Offer your subscribers a reprieve from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails by making their holidays less stressful and more joyful. Send them emails with resources that save them time, reduce their stress, or make their lives more joyful.
  • Don’t Make It About You: Use this time to give back, or share customer appreciation. Making it about others, rather than your product or service, will help your brand stand out.
  • Video: Video is important throughout the year, but especially during the holidays. Post videos of your team and what they are thankful for. You or your staff can share your favorite childhood holiday memories. Share goals and New Year resolutions.
  • Throw A Party: The holiday season is full or parties, but everyone always wants to be included. Rather than just a staff party, plan a fun event for clients, customers, staff and family and friends. Promote it through email, social media and use it as a time to thank your staff and clients.

What are your strategies for standing out during the holidays? 


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