How To Use Canva Magic Write AI To Brainstorm Content Ideas

By now you have probably heard about ChatGPT and AI taking over the content world. If you haven’t, ChatGPT is a general-purpose chatbot prototype that is quickly becoming to go-to and highly influential in the AI-generated content world.

Now here’s the thing…I am all for technology and using tools to make your life easier and more efficient. But…I am not on board with letting AI and bots take over all of your content creation. There is no way AI can capture your unique voice or style, and those two things are so important to your messaging and conversions. If you start to just copy and paste content from ChatGPT or other AI tools, you will quickly blend in and it will be clear to your audience that your content isn’t authentic and they’ll check out.

What I suggest is using AI as a tool to help you brainstorm ideas if you struggle to think of content ideas. I never have a shortage of content ideas (hello, it’s kind of what I do), but I know that most small business owners do. Now, you can come to me to help you think of tons of unique content ideas, or you can turn to one of my favorite tools….Canva!

You are probably already using Canva for designing social media graphics, but did you know you can also use it for brainstorming content ideas? Canva recently launched Canva Docs which has an AI tool built into it called Magic Write.

Magic Write in Canva Docs is an AI-powered content generation tool.

You can use Magic Write to:
– Overcome writer’s block
– Brainstorm ideas for everything from blog posts to social posts
– Get a draft started
– Build lists

If you struggle to come up with social media post ideas, Magic Write can be a great place to start to get the ideas flowing.

To use Magic Write…

1. From the Canva homepage, select Docs
2. Start a new Doc
3. Click the ➕ next to the headline
4. Select Magic Write 🪄
5. Type in your idea and hit Enter

Some ideas of what to type in:
How to_______
5 ways to______
Top 10 [your niche] tips
10 post ideas for [topic]
[your niche] trends for 2023

Here are some examples of things I entered and what Magic Write generated.

DISCLAIMER: always make the ideas your own. Add your brand voice, your expertise and make sure the information is relevant and accurate.

If you are looking for a way to embrace AI in 2023, this is one I can get on board with.

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